Let me begin by again expressing my deepest gratitude for all of the support that I have received from my family, my friends, my colleagues and from the people of the riding of Fredericton during my health challenges. With your support, I proudly returned to Ottawa last winter and was fully healed in time for a busy summer which I spent working throughout the Fredericton riding.

During the summer recess from Parliament, my staff and I worked extensively with the municipalities and local organizations on infrastructure projects. I visited many community groups and met with Federal Cabinet Ministers and local stakeholders concerning; university research and innovation, small business and tourism, crime legislation, bullying and sexual violence prevention, mental health awareness, and veterans’ programming.

After a summer of excellent health and an encouraging prognosis from my doctor, I began feeling ill again in mid-September. After undergoing tests, my doctor discovered that I have had a reoccurrence of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I have begun treatments once again, and have decided to remain in Fredericton for the present time in order to spend more time with my family and focus my energy on serving the people who elected me. I will continue to work in Fredericton while undergoing treatments and my office will continue to provide the same excellent service that the people of this riding have come to expect.

I would like to thank the Prime Minister and all of my colleagues in the Conservative Caucus for their help and support while I am away from Parliament. Above all, I would like to thank the people of Fredericton for their understanding during this challenging time. I believe that it is important for me to be open and transparent with you all about my health, and with your support, I hope to encourage those facing cancer and others diseases to seek help and to feel comfortable discussing their own personal challenges.

I am incredibly proud to serve my constituents in Ottawa and I look forward to earning your support once again in 2015.


Hon. Keith Ashfield, P.C.,

Member of Parliament for Fredericton